AA warns of Nottinghamshire tourist hotspot where motorists are filmed driving through flooded ford

Nottinghamshire Fire Fighters say they will visit Rufford Ford in Newark this weekend to talk to drivers about road and water safety.

The ford has become the number one flood accident hotspot for the AA, with many motorists breaking down following attempts to drive through the water.

The water can reach several feet deep and videos show numerous drivers having to be rescued after becoming trapped in their vehicles.

The location has become a tourist spot, with people gathering to watch and film motorists braving the flood water.

Thomas Sunderland is a local who films cars as they pass through the water and his posts are attracting millions of views on social media.

However, he says it's not safe to drive through the water fast or when it is deep.

"More people are going through fast", says Tom, "some people go through when it's extremely deep and that can be risky, it's not safe when it's deep".

"Normally if they get stuck I'll push them out, I'll help them to dry out if the engine is not hydrolocked, I will try to help as much as I can."

Tom says he didn't expect his videos to get so many views, but people have continued to watch and request more.

He now has more than 60 thousand followers and one of his latest posts had 316 thousand views.

He says he'll continue uploading content whilst also trying to keep people safe.

While it might be providing entertainment for people online, the AA is urging people to think twice before crossing the ford.

"Going through flood water is dangerous", says Ben Westney from the AA, "It only takes an egg cup of water to damage an engine beyond repair."

"It's quite easy for the water to be ingested into the engine of the car and that can cause catastrophic damage" he adds.

"But not only that, there's the danger to the people who are in the car because if the electrical systems fail it can be very easy to become trapped in the car."