20 partygoers caught travelling to black tie event in horse-box in Banbury

Revellers in black-tie and ball gowns have been discovered travelling in the back of a horse-box in Warwickshire. Staggering footage shared by Warwickshire Police rural team shows officers opening the horse box to discover some 20 passengers sitting on hay in their evening-wear.

When they stopped the 4X4 towing a horse-box, officers say they were informed there was no livestock on board.

But when they went to check the security markings on the trailer, they heard shuffling and tapping coming from inside. A video from the scene shows officers open the horse box to discover an entourage of party-goers piled up in the back.

Police made the stop on the A422 near Banbury, and have warned against the dangers of such a stunt. Warwickshire Rural Crime team posted about the incident, which took place on November 19, on their Facebook page on November 24.

The 39 year old driver was reported at the scene for several offences, and members of the "pre-ball party wagon" were accompanied safely to their destination.

A Warwickshire Police spokesperson said: "At around 10:45pm on the 19th November 2022 near Upton House on the A422 (just on the border with Thames Valley Police) officers spoke with a female driver of a 4x4 that was towing just such a horse box.

"Initially speaking with the driver, she confirmed no horses or livestock were being transported and she was in fact off to a ball nearby. Officers then headed over to the trailer to make note of any security marking/vin number so that checks could be conducted."