Chilling bodycam footage shows moment police arrested Megan Newborough's murderer

Chilling bodycam footage shows the moment police arrested Ross McCullam, the man who has since been found guilty of murdering his coworker.

McCullam was convicted on Monday 12 December over the death of 23-year-old Megan Newborough, a colleague who he had a brief relationship with.

Officers from Warwickshire Police began investigating the disappearance of Miss Newborough on August 7 after she was reported missing.

CCTV footage traced Miss Newborough's last movements to McCullam's parents' house the night of her disappearance.

The dramatic moment of his arrest was caught on bodycam footage, which has since been released to ITV News Central.

In the footage, detectives asked whether McCullam knew where Miss Newborough was - and also revealed she was dead.

In the hours before he was arrested by Warwickshire Police, McCullam told officers he was "worried" about Miss Newborough and said "it's not like her to do this".

Killer told police he saw Megan on the night she was killed...hours before he was arrested

Once inside the property, one officer said: "At this moment in time we have reason to suspect your involvement in the disappearance of Megan Newborough.

"And as a result I'm arresting you on suspicion of kidnap so you do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say, may be given in evidence."

"So I'm just going to put some handcuffs on you, alright? Just put these on first.

"Can you feel that, yeah?"

McCullam: "Yes."

Officer: "In relation to Megan, can you tell us where she is?"

McCullam then began to scratch his ear for eight seconds.

Officer: "Have you got something in your ear? What is it?

"In relation to Megan, can you tell us where she is?"

McCullam said: "Can we talk down at the police station?"

Officer: "Talk down the police station? Can you tell us here [at your parents home] just quietly?"

McCullam, speaking quietly, said: "She's in Woodhouse Eaves."

Officer: "What is that?"

"Near Loughborough," he replied.

Officer: "Near Loughborough, where is that though?"

McCullam: "She's in Charley Road, in the lay-by."

Officer: "Is she alive? No."

McCullam, 30, of Windsor Close, Coalville, has been convicted of murdering Miss Newborough.

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