Cat gives birth to five kittens in conservatory roof guttering

The cat gave birth to five kittens high up on the roof of a conservatory. Credit: RSPCA

A cat has given birth to her five kittens in the guttering of a conservatory roof in Birmingham.

The owners of the house heard a noise and discovered the cat in labour, high up on their roof.

Rain was due to set in so the RSPCA was called to rescue the cat and babies from their rather uncomfortable position. It turned out she was microchipped and her name was Storm.

The babies delivered in the guttering

The RSPCA got involved in several rescues of animals who had got into scrapes across the Midlands in 2022.

They had to use washing up liquid to liberate a toad which got stuck between decking boards in Willenhall.

He'd managed to get his body through a hole, but left his legs behind.

An RSPCA officer used the fluid to make the toad slippery, so he could squeeze through the gap widened with a screwdriver.

A fox got stuck in a tyre

A fox got his head stuck in a car wheel.

The cub was found in Selly Oak and the fire service used special equipment to cut him free.

He was taken to a nearby wildlife hospital to be monitored before he could be released back into the wild.

The lamb got stuck in the mud

A lamb got stuck at the bottom of a 6 foot hole in the Derbyshire Peak District.

The lamb was stuck in the mud, so had to be cleaned up before being released back to its family.

A man from Staffordshire discovered a snake in his wheelie bin.

No-one knows how the snake got in the bin

The corn snake crawled through a hole in a bin bag when he opened the lid.

No-one knows how it got there.

The frog had been in the bag of bananas for some time.

And a Hispaniolan tree frog made a 4,300-mile journey across the Atlantic from itshome in the Dominican Republic to Tamworth in Staffordshire in a bunch of bananas.

A family discovered the 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) frog while unpacking their shopping. It's thought he'd been wrapped up for some time.