'Heartbreaking' moment two dogs found abandoned in freezing temperatures hours apart in Birmingham

The two terrified crossbreeds were found abandoned in different parts of Birmingham. Credit: @CaraRSPCA

An RSPCA officer has described being called out to two cases of abandoned dogs in Birmingham just hours apart as "heartbreaking" and "unheard of".

Cara Gibbon, animal rescue officer for the charity, wrote on Twitter: "Happy New Year Again. Second dog of the night abandoned outside @WMFSWooddgate @WestMidsFire."

"It's one degree celsius outside, absolutely freezing weather."

"Special thanks to @WMPolice for their assistance tonight. Puppy was absolutely terrified of everything. Makes me so angry."

It's believed the dog was dumped just after 5:15pm on Monday 2 January, when the fire crew left to attend an incident.

Two RSPCA officers attended after being called out by firefighters at Woodgate Valley Fire Station, just after 6pm.

However the dog was so terrified, anxious and lashing out that they were unable to get close enough.

Cara said: "The dog held his paw up trying to not touch the frost on the floor and he could see how cold he was as he kept shivering.

"The dog wasn't even left with a blanket to keep warm.

"Myself and the fire crew all tried to befriend the dog using tasty treats, but the dog was petrified after watching his owner tie him up and leave him.

"He was surrounded by strangers and the only person he wanted to come back was his owner.

"This is the sad reality of what I see on a daily basis."

Two police dog officers, as well as a vet and a dart officer eventually had to attend in order to sedate the terrified pup.

He was then transported to Birmingham City Council's Dog Ward where it was discovered the dog was microchipped.

He'll now be assessed before being put up for re-homing.

Two police dog officers, as well as a vet and a dart officer eventually had to attend in order to sedate the terrified pup. Credit: @CaraRSPCA

Just an hour earlier, the RSPCA attended an incident in Brookvale Park, Erdington where they found another abandoned crossbreed.

RSPCA officer, Cara, who covers cases across the West Midlands said: "It looked to have been used for breeding and dumped.

"It has untreated cherry eye in her right eye.

"She was very nervous but still came over to me for fuss even after everything she has been through".

Just an hour earlier, this dog believed to have been used for breeding was found dumped in Brookvale Park, Erdington. Credit: @CaraRSPCA

The RSPCA is urging anyone struggling to look after their pets to contact the charity for help rather than abandoning them, as the cost of living continues to soar.

In December, the animal welfare charity said it has seen a 25% rise in the number of abandonment incidents being dealt with by its rescue teams over the year, as well as a 13% rise in neglect incidents.