Man fears he'll die in Nottinghamshire hospital as no beds available for life-saving surgery

  • ITV News Reporter Jane Hesketh speaks to a 59-year-old who is waiting for a hospital bed after suffering bleeds on the brain

A patient who has suffered two bleeds on the brain fears he will die before he gets the life-saving surgery he needs.

Shane Stoppard has been waiting 11 days in King's Mill Hospital for a bed to become available at the specialist Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, and is yet to be given a clear indication as to when that will be.

He first suffered a bleed on the brain on 23 December and lay on the floor for more than six hours before an ambulance arrived.

When emergency services attended his home, he had to be taken to King's Mill as he claims he was told there was no space for him at the Queen's Medical Centre.

Since then, he has suffered another bleed to the brain and continues to wait to be transferred.

He fears he will die before a bed becomes available and his wife Amanda claims he is still third on the waiting list.

A spokesperson for Nottingham University Hospitals and Sherwood Forest Hospitals has since apologised for the delays.

999 call on 23 December

Amanda Stoppard said she called the ambulance at about 9:15pm on Friday 23 December.

She said the clinician rang back 40 minutes later to tell her that an ambulance was being sent.

Amanda said the ambulance arrived at around 8:10am the following morning and said her husband had been on the floor for more than six hours.

She told ITV News: "He was taken into the accident emergency unit (at King's Mill), and they were brilliant with him. And he was in there until the 28th.

"And then they transferred him (to daycare at King's Mill) after that because they were hoping to get him a bed at Queen's Med on the 28th.

"We are now on 3 January and he's still waiting for a bed and they moved him to a daycare unit. "

Amanda said he had another bleed on the brain last Friday.

She says he was sent for another brain scan which confirmed he had had another bleed, but there was still no bed at the Queens Medical Centre for him.

Today, Shane still remains at King's Mill.

'This isn't the hospital for Shane'

Speaking on her husband's mental health, Amanda said: "He's not good at all.

"He actually told me that he didn't think he's going to end up leaving hospital because like I say he had a second bleed, and you'd have thought that they would have transferred him straight down to Queens Med but no, he doesn't think he's going to end up leaving the hospital.

"He's normally really strong and it's not nice to hear at all.

"The nurses just say when I ask them, I'm ever so sorry Amanda but this isn't the hospital for Shane.

"They have been absolutely brilliant, some of them have been sat with him all through the night when he had his bleed. But they just can't get a bed for him."

Amanda said she was told there were three people in front of him.

She said: "I just didn't know what to do. I'm terrified but I don't let him know that."

A spokesperson for the NHS in Nottinghamshire has apologised for the delays Mr Stoppard is experiencing.

In a statement to ITV News Central, the spokesperson said: "All inpatients awaiting treatment are regularly monitored to prioritise those patients in most urgent need and local hospitals are working together to ensure that Mr Stoppard can get the treatment he deserves as soon as possible."

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