Barrage of bollards built on Birmingham street to stop school-run parking

A council has been criticised for its decision to install a "bizarre" stretch of 60 bollards outside a primary school in Birmingham.

The posts appeared 18 months ago along a 50m stretch outside Meadows Primary School on the A38 Bristol Road South in Longbridge.

Residents have shared their opinions on Birmingham Council's bid to block school run parking by installing 55 bollards.

Some residents have slammed the decision, with one describing it as "absolutely horrendous" with concerns that they may reduce the value of their property.

Residents in Birmingham have been sharing their frustrations after more than 50 bollards appeared outside a primary school in Longbridge.

Others, however, have welcomed the idea to reduce the dangers of parking outside of the school gates.

A spokesperson from Birmingham City Council said: "We receive regular complaints from residents about inconsiderate and dangerous parking outside the school.

"We are working with the school to help challenge this behaviour and encourage walking and cycling where appropriate, but unfortunately the number of bollards that have been installed demonstrates the scale of the problem.

"We will continue to encourage parents to consider other forms of transport and to consider others when dropping off children at school."