Derbyshire man builds Lego Lake District with thousands of tiny bricks

ITV News Central Correspondent Andy Bevan has been to see the Lake District Lego model.

A man from Derbyshire has created a huge model of the Buttermere area of the Lake District from Lego bricks.

Jon Tordoff, from Milford, used over 160,000 pieces of Lego to create the rolling landscapes, hidden valleys, and vegetation of an area he loves so much.

The model covers around 100 sq ft (9.29 sq m). Mr Tordoff says it has taken him "since March last year" to complete.

Mr Tordoff said he wanted to recreate an area of the loves with Lego bricks.

Speaking to ITV Central he said: "It all started with picking up one of the smallest Lego pieces off the floor.

"That evening in lockdown, I start looking at it thinking it seemed quite nice sum if you class that [the tiny bit of lego] has been 10 metres high.

"It means the whole little bit was 25-metre squares, and that seemed a very neat little thing to in my brain."

The Lego landscape is available for people to see up-close. Credit: ITV News Central

He adds: "There's some amazing Lego builds around. Generally monuments and this sort of and buildings. You don't see as many landscapes."

Mr Tordoff said he used photos and maps of the landscape to feature as many details as possible.

The scenic masterpiece has been on display at Belper Library in Derbyshire across the weekend.