Police on the hunt for 10 men after Leicester disorder arrests near 100

Police have released the images hoping to speak to the men involved Credit: Leicestershire Police

Police investigating an outbreak of disorder in the autumn have released images of 10 men they wish to speak to in connection with unrest in the east of Leicester.

The images, captured on CCTV, show the men at the time.

Unrest between some members of the Hindu and Muslim communities were first reported in the city after an India v Pakistan cricket match on 28 August 2022.

"Serious disorder" later broke out in parts of East Leicester on 17 September 2022, when around 200 people marched towards Highfields during an unauthorised protest.

One of the men pictured on CCTV Credit: Leicestershire police

An opposing group was then reported to have gathered to oppose them.

Police have so far arrested nearly 100 people in connection to the disturbances.

Detective Chief Inspector Rob Arthur, who is leading the team investigating the disorder, said: "With near to 100 arrests now of those we have identified, we are working hard to find out who the remaining men are.

"To be able to do this, we need help from the public."

Police have arrested nearly 100 people. Credit: Leicestershire Police.

"I would also appeal to anyone featured within the imagery to come forwards themselves so the investigation team can make contact."

Muslim and Hindu leaders later issued a joint statement appealing for the violence to stop.

Speaking at the time, outside the Jame Mosque, in Spinney Hills, Pradyumna Pradipgajjar from the Iskcon Hindu temple said: "We, the family of Leicester, stand in front of you not only as Hindus and Muslims but as brothers and sisters.

"Our two faiths have lived harmoniously in this wonderful city for over half a century."

More images of men the police wish to speak to Credit: Leicestershire police.

He added: "We arrived in this city together.

"We faced the same challenges together; we fought off racist haters together and collectively made this city a beacon of diversity and community cohesion."

One of the men Leicestershire police wish to speak to. Credit: Leicestershire police

They added: "That is why we are saddened and heartbroken to see the eruption of tension and violence.

"Physical attacks on innocent individuals and unwarranted damage to property are not part of a decent society and, indeed, not part of our faiths. What we have seen is not what we're about.

"We together call upon the immediate cessation of provocation and violence - both in thought and behaviour. We together call upon the inciters of hatred to leave our city alone."