Crowbar-wielding domestic abuser broke partner's nose during campaign of abuse

Alan McMahon Credit: West Midlands Police

A domestic abuser who violently assaulted his partner, breaking her nose and hitting her with a crowbar so hard she suffered a bleed on the brain has been jailed.

Alan McMahon subjected the woman to a two-week campaign of prolonged abuse where he hit her repeatedly with a crowbar, threw glass bottles at her and repeatedly assaulted her.

The 40-year-old had also been controlling who the woman was allowed to see and speak to and dictated to how she spent her money.

One evening in October last year, McMahon attacked the woman with a crowbar, breaking her nose, giving her two black eyes and causing a bleed on her brain. 

Fearing that he would attack her with the crowbar again, the woman hid it.

But when McMahon couldn’t find it, he attacked her with a knife jabbing her repeatedly in the leg and hand causing puncture wounds.

Seeing an opportunity to escape, the woman ran into the street where members of the public found her and flagged down a passing police car for help. McMahon was arrested and charged with causing grievous bodily harm.Alan McMahon, of Hill Grove, Birmingham, was found guilty by a jury at Birmingham Crown Court and on January 13 he was jailed for three and half years in prison and given a life time restraining order against the victim.Detective Constable Gareth Glass from our PPU, said: “McMahon was controlling and possessive and thought he could dictate how this woman lived her life.

“When he thought he was losing control, he would threaten her with violence and assault her causing serious injuries some of which she still suffers from today.

“We have supported the woman throughout this difficult process, kept her safe and put her in touch with charities who could help her start to rebuild her life.”