Megan Newborough: Killer's sentence to be reviewed by Court of Appeal as 'unduly lenient'

The sentence of Ross McCullam, 30, could be increased after the Solicitor General Michael Tomlinson ruled that it was 'unduly lenient'. Credit: ITV News

"porn-obsessed monster" who was sentenced to life in prison after murdering his 23-year-old work colleague, has had his sentence referred to the Court of Appeal.

Ross McCullam was given a minimum term of 23 years after being convicted of strangling Megan Newborough, before cutting her throat and dumping her body in a Leicestershire country lane in August 2021.

His sentence could be increased after the Solicitor General Michael Tomlinson ruled that it was 'unduly lenient'.

The appeal was made by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) on behalf of Leicestershire Police. The case will now be heard at the Court of Appeal in March.

In the hours after Megan's murder, McCullam tried to cover up what had happened, even texting her phone to tell her how amazing she was.

Responding to the news, Megan's family said in a statement: “No sentence will be long enough but it is our hope that the minimum term will be increased to at least 30 years+ based on the aggravating factors of the case.

“We continue to struggle moving forward and nothing will ever bring Megan back, or fill the void she has left behind, but knowing he will not be released for a greater period of time provides some reassurance that the public will be further protected from this monster.”

An Attorney General Office (AGO) spokesman explained: “The Solicitor General was shocked and appalled by this case and wishes to express his sympathies to the family of Megan Newborough.

"I can confirm that the Solicitor General has referred Ross McCullam’s sentence to the Court of Appeal as he agrees that it appears unduly lenient.

"It is now for the Court to decide whether to increase the sentence."

McCullam, who initially admitted manslaughter, claimed he could not be guilty of murdering Miss Newborough because he acted after a loss of control.

He sought to blame Miss Newborough, claiming he went into a "a volcano of rage" set off by undiagnosed PTSD caused by unreported childhood sexual abuse.

However, the jury disagreed and last month, McCullam was convicted of the young woman's murder following a six-week trial at Leicester Crown Court.

Megan's devastated family spoke of their 'constant pain and loss' following her murder.

Speaking outside the court last month, Megan's brother John described her as "the glue that held us together".

The family of Megan Newborough have said they are 'still living in a nightmare' after her murder. Credit: ITV News Central

He said: "Our lives have been torn apart through this loss. I know how difficult it's been for my parents and sister to sit in court every day listening to the web of lies spun by someone Megan not only knew, but whom she trusted.

"Someone who clearly had no love for her at all. We're the ones now serving a life sentence."

Despite having to endure the heartache of the trial, Megan's family and friends gathered to do 'something good' in her memory and raise money for the White Ribbon charity which works to end violence against women and girls by addressing its root causes.

Completing a marathon was on the 23-year-old's 'to-do' list, but tragically she never got the chance.

They completed a 5km Park Run in Bedworth between them to match the total equivalent of a 26-mile marathon.

So far, they have raised more than £7,300 for the charity.