Footballer, 20, dies after sudden 'bacterial infection' despite having leg amputated to save him

Luke Abrahams from East Hunsbury, passed away on Monday (23 January), despite attempts to save him by having his leg amputated Credit: BPM Media

A 20-year-old amateur footballer has died after a sudden "bacterial infection".

Luke Abrahams from East Hunsbury, Northampton, passed away on Monday (23 January), despite attempts to save him by having his leg amputated.

More than £9,500 has been raised through a GoFundMe page.

It was started by Jamie Podkowka, 34, originally from Northampton, who managed the ON Chenecks Under 16s where Luke's brother, Jake plays.

He said he learned of the devastating news through a WhatsApp message from Luke's father Richard, in the parent group for players.

The 20-year-old reportedly had to have his leg amputated after a sudden bacterial infection Credit: BPM Media

The coach said: "We've been on tours and I am friends with the family and we have a parents' group where we can communicate everything.

"We had a message from Richard to say Luke had been rushed into hospital.

"Luke had to have his leg amputated and the next hour was crucial and he asked if 'everybody could pray' he got through it.

"We were just hoping he would pull through and about an hour and 15 minutes later, Richard messaged saying he hadn't made it.

"There are literally no words. He is not far off the age of the kids that we coach so I think it hit a lot of people pretty hard.

"It hit us hard here because we've just had a newborn. You have that feeling as a parent and wondering what Richard and Julie were going through."

It was reportedly a bacterial infection which led to doctors needing to amputate the leg and giving him a "real slim chance of survival" according to Jamie.

Mr Abraham's friends are now trying to organise a tribute to the 20-year-old, who was a big West Ham fan, with the club ahead of their next home game.

The football also turned out for Blisworth FC and Hunsbury Hawks FC and had associations with AFC Spinney.

The Hunsbury Hawks' game on Sunday (29 January) has confirmed they will play in his honour, kicking off at 10.30am at Abington Park on pitch number two, and are welcoming all to attend.

More than £9,500 has been raised through a GoFundMe page Credit: BPM Media

Commenting on the outpouring of support and donations, the coach said: "I never expected it to explode the way they did.

"I knew he was a really really well-liked lad but it has gained so much support which is overwhelming really.

"I know charity games are being set up as we speak as he's played for a few teams. His parents would really like to highlight what happened and how quick it was.

"They said to me he had gone to the doctor on Tuesday (17 January) not feeling very well and they prescribed some antibiotics.

"They called the ambulance Friday (20 January) night and again on Sunday (22 January).

"His mum and dad were called to a hospital at 1am saying this is not good. They believe it was caused by a scratch and it has just eaten away at his body.

"It was heart-wrenching when he said to me before Luke went down to theatre, he said 'don't worry about me, look after yourselves' and that hit me pretty hard."

Jamie said Luke was "really happy go lucky" and no one "ever saw a negative side to him".

He added: "His glass was always half full. If I'm honest, a little bit tongue in cheek, he loved a beer so it was never really half in that sense.

Luke had first gone to the doctor after feeling unwell on Tuesday 17 January Credit: BPM Media

"He was an unbelievable kid. You wouldn't have thought he was 20. He loved to play football, as you can probably tell by how many clubs he was involved with.

"He gave up his time on Sunday afternoon and midweek on a Wednesday to help us coach his brother. He was a really fun-loving, outgoing and caring kind of guy.

"I know no amount of money is going to bring Luke back but I thought if I could just do something that would allow people to show their support.

"Even if it was just to buy Luke a beer back that would have been enough.

"It is to allow them to give him the send-off that he would have deserved or that he would have wanted. That would be massive for the family.

"I want to say just a massive thanks to all the businesses and everybody that got involved. I know it's appreciated and Luke would have been so overwhelmed and just elated."You can find the GoFundMe page here.