Workmen paint double yellow lines around parked yellow car

They were forced to paint around the car Credit: BPM Media

Workmen in Solihull had to paint double yellow lines onto a road, around a car parked in their way.

The bright yellow Honda sporty hatchback has been blocking the painting of double yellow lines on a road in Shirley.

Credit: BPM Media

The car has been parked on Northbrook Road for over a month, so workers have had to paint around the car and come back at a later date.

Solihull Council decided the road was dangerous pulling off Streetsbrook Road and having cars blocking the road caused an obstacle in the road for vehicle pulling into the road.

Credit: BPM Media

One local person said: "It's ridiculous, have a car parked for all this time and adding extra work to the workers painting the line."

He added "Having the job half completed only causes confusion."