Wife dies from sepsis after cutting hand preparing food for family meal, Leicester inquest hears

The 51-year-old woman suffered the injury to her left hand Credit: PA

A woman died from sepsis after cutting herself while preparing food with relatives, an inquest has heard.

Mehjabin Ibrahim Rashi died last Friday at the Leicester Royal Infirmary (LRI) after falling seriously ill following the minor cut.

The 51-year-old wife, of Rosebarn Way, suffered the injury to her left hand while she and her husband were visiting relatives in India last month.

The cut was initially dismissed by Mrs Rashi as minor but after she returned home to Leicester, she began to feel more ill.

The inquest, held at Leicester Town Hall on Wednesday (February 8) heard how Mrs Rashi, who suffered from renal failure and type 2 diabetes, reported a swelling in her left hand.

She was taken to the LRI's accident and emergency department for treatment on Tuesday (January 31), where it was found she had contracted sepsis.

While in A&E, the wound was tended to and further treatment given to Mrs Rashi, but she continued to deteriorate after doctors discovered she was suffering from organ failure.

She was admitted to intensive care and placed on life assistance machines, but her condition worsened further.

Despite the efforts of the intensive care team, Mrs Rashi, who also suffered from cardiomyopathy and hypertension, died last Friday after her family chose to end life assistance.

In his findings, coroner Ivan Cartwright recorded a conclusion of accidental death.

He found Mrs Rashi had not intended to cut herself while preparing the food and believed that the cut had exacerbated her existing health conditions.

He also found that the accident had ultimately led to her hospital admission and later death. Mr Cartwright offered his sincere condolences to Mrs Rashi's family.