Dippy the Diplodocus heads to Coventry - here's everything you need to know

ITV News Central Reporter Lewis Warner went to the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry - the new home for Dippy the Diplodocus

One of the world's most famous dinosaur exhibitions has a new home in Coventry.

The pre-historic giant will be taking residency at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum from Monday 20 February.

The 26-metre long (85ft) skeleton was seen by more than two million people on a UK tour, after a 112-year stay in the Natural History Museum ended in 2017.

Dippy is a replica of a Diplodocus skeleton, which first arrived in London in 1905.

Visitors can book free tickets, which have all been taken up for the first week of the exhibition.

Dippy’s long-term loan to the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum comes after the venue underwent a major refurbishment in preparation for Coventry UK City of Culture, allowing the gallery to display more works and major world-class exhibitions including The Turner Prize 2021.

Here is everything you need to know about how you can can see Dippy:

Dippy will be at Herbert Art Gallery & Museum for the next three years. Credit: ITV Central News

Where will it be?

Coventry’s Herbert Art Gallery & Museum will be Dippy's new home for the next three years.

When will the exhibition start?

Visitors can catch the jurassic figure from Monday, February 20.

Where can you park?

There are several Pay & Display car parks available within walking distance of Herbert Art Gallery & Museum.

There is a park and ride service for the city centre operated from War Memorial Park, Kenilworth Road in the south of the city. For more information on parking options in the city centre, visit the council site here.

Where can you get tickets?

Tickets are free for all. However, visitors are advised to book a ticket online and present a physical or digital copy upon arrival at the gallery.

Slots are bookable in 15 minute intervals. There are no set times for viewing and you visitors can stay as long as they wish.

Click here to book your ticket. 

What type of dinosaur is Dippy?

Dippy the dinosaur is a life-size, plaster-of-paris replica of a Diplodocus carnegii skeleton. 

Diplodocus carnegii lived during the Late Jurassic period, about 145 – 155 million years ago and their skeletons have been found in North America.

They were huge, plant-eating dinosaurs, with long whip-like tails. They grew to about 24-26 metres long and probably weighed up to around 15 tonnes.

For comparison, a London double-decker bus is around 14 metres long and weighs 12 tonnes.

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