Central Lobby: neighbourhood policing, energy support and voter id cards

On this month's show, Phil Hornby chairs the debate between a panel of Midlands politicians:

  • Heather Wheeler MP, South Derbyshire, Conservative

  • Steve McCabe MP, Selly Oak, Labour

  • Cllr Michael Mullaney, Leicestershire County Council

After a spate of 'car cannibalism' in Birmingham, where vehicle parts are stolen to sell on, the panel discuss if neighbourhood police officers, or 'bobbies on the beat' are still the key to preventing and solving crimes. And if community trust has been affected by recent police scandals.

They look ahead to the Chancellor's first budget, and what support there should be for those struggling with high energy prices.

And we finish by asking how prepared the three parties are for the next round of elections - triggering a difference of opinion about voter id cards.