Stoke City prepare to take on Premier League side Brighton in FA Cup

  • Dan Salisbury Jones speaks to manager Alex Neil ahead of the big game this evening

Stoke City take on Premier League side Brighton and Hove Albion in the fifth round of the FA Cup this evening.

The Potters will be playing at home at the Bet 365 stadium, kicking off at 7:15pm.

On their way to the fifth round, they beat Hartlepool 3-0 followed by a victory against Stevenage in round four.

The furthest Stoke City have been in the FA Cup was when they reached the final in 2011, losing to Manchester City.

Manager Alex Neil recognises that Brighton, who are currently ranked eighth in the Premier League, are a top team but he says it's a great chance for his players to "show what they can do".

"Brighton are a very good side. I've watched a lot of their games and they're really impressive. It's a great chance for our players to show what they can do against some top opponents", he says.

Mr Neil says he recognises that fans might be feeling 'frustrated' with the team's performance of late.

"It's not that we're going out and performing poorly and getting dominated, that's not the case", he says, "we don't seem to turn possessions, crosses, shots into points".

"Ultimately that's what the game is about, scoring goals and winning games."

Fear of failure is what drives me

"I think any job that you do you want to make people proud of you and your family is obviously the first one that comes to mind. My kids, your wife, your mum, all that sort of stuff."

"But I think fear of failure is what drives me", he adds. "You do have failure throughout your career to then learn from it. I think you do learn more from failings and maybe mistakes that you've made."

"I think I've tasted success on quite a few occasions as well so I know what that feels like and I think when you have that, that drives you on because you want to sample it again."

The game will be live on ITV4 at 7:15pm.