'Magic saved my life': Meet the Warwickshire magician with Aspergers

Angus entertains students in the classroom with his magic tricks Credit: ITV Central

A man from Warwickshire who has autism says he's been able to turn his life around with the help of magic.

Angus Baskerville, 26, from Binton near Stratford had difficulties as a student and spent time at 13 different schools, where he says he was labelled as the 'naughty kid'.

He was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome when he was 15 - but growing up in South Africa meant it took a long time for his diagnosis, as research into Aspergers wasn't as advanced.

Actions such as consistent tapping which can be typical from people with autism would get Angus into trouble at school.

The youngsters were entertained with the tricks Credit: ITV Central

He couldn’t communicate with other children and he was badly bullied.

One day he saw a magic trick and became so invested because it involved communicating without having to think of conversation - so he took it up himself.

Since becoming a professional magician last year, he has performed alongside legendary magician Dynamo and at events for Olympian Mo Farah and dragon Peter Jones.

Angus Baskerville is pictured with athlete Mo Farah Credit: Angus Baskerville

Having already wowed a number of celebrities, Angus says his ultimate dream is to perform around the world.

Impressing fans not just by his tricks but by the fact that he's been able to solve his own life's puzzle with the help of a bit of magic.