Man who strangled and stabbed Megan Newborough will not have his jail sentenced increased

A man who strangled and repeatedly stabbed Megan Newborough, before hiding her body in undergrowth in Leicestershire will not have his jail sentenced increased.

Ross McCullam was found guilty of murdering Ms Newborough last year.

The violent pornography-obsessed 30-year-old throttled and cut the throat of his 23-year-old colleague, who he had been dating for less than a month, in an incident at his parents’ home on August 6, 2021.

In December, he was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 23 years.

Megan Newborough was 23 when she died. Credit: PA

McCullam, who initially admitted manslaughter, claimed he could not be guilty of murdering Miss Newborough because he acted after a loss of control.

He sought to blame Miss Newborough, claiming he went into a "a volcano of rage" set off by undiagnosed PTSD caused by unreported childhood sexual abuse.

The house where McCullam lived with his parents and where he murdered Megan Newborough. Credit: ITV News Central

His sentence was challenged on behalf of the Attorney General's Office but it was denied.

Today, appeal judges refused a bid to increase the sentence of lab technician Ross McCullam.At a Court of Appeal hearing in London on Tuesday (March 14), McCullam’s jail term was challenged on behalf of the Attorney General’s Office, with lawyers arguing it was unduly lenient.

However, Lord Justice Holroyde, sitting with Mr Justice Hilliard and Mr Justice Chamberlain, decided not to intervene in McCullam’s sentence, concluding they were “not persuaded that there is any basis in which it can be said that the judge fell into error”.

McCullam, who followed the hearing from prison by video-link, simply nodded when told his sentence would not change.

Lord Justice Holroyde told several members of Miss Newborough's family who attended court that the appeal judges' ruling did not mean her murder "was anything other than a dreadful crime", but they had to decide cases "in accordance with law".