Hunt for owner of dying dog ditched on pink blanket near Birmingham cemetery

The German Shepherd was left on a pink blanket as it suffered with a huge testicular tumour Credit: RSPCA

A hunt is on for the owner of a German Shepherd who was left ‘screaming in agony' by the side of Park Lane near Handsworth Cemetery in Birmingham.

An animal rescue worker who was so outraged by the condition the dying dog was left in has vowed to track the owner down.

The dog was suffering ‘terrible’ pain from a huge testicular tumour and injury to his jaw.

He was discovered on Sunday, March 5th lying on a blanket, dumped in a bush.

After calling the RSPCA, animal rescue officer, Cara Gibbon, says the German Shepherd was in the ‘worst condition I have ever seen’.

She said: “He was making such pitiful whimpering noises and screaming in pain. He was unable to stand so we know he'd been deliberately abandoned.

“We also know he was dumped around 8am on Sunday morning so we're really keen to hear from anyone who was in the area who may have seen this happening, or anyone with dash cam footage that could help our investigation.

"He was also unable to close his mouth because of the injury to his jaw which had been left degloved. Sadly because of the severity of the condition he was found, he had to be put to sleep by a vet to end his suffering.”

Cara is trying to hunt the owner of the dog down in order to face punishment.

Cara said: “It is sickening that someone allowed him to get in this state, and even more distressing to think they simply dumped him in this way rather than getting him the help he desperately needed. I’m determined to track down whoever was responsible for leaving him to suffer in such a cruel and heartless way.

“Someone somewhere must know who owned this dog so I’m calling on anyone with information to contact me in complete confidence, by leaving me a message on our inspector’s appeal line number on 0300 123 8018.

“We’ve had lots of people contact us who share our shock and horror that anyone would do this, and we’re grateful for their support and kind words, but we’re yet to hear from anyone with information that can help us bring whoever is responsible to justice.”