Cadbury plays Easter prank on residents in Derbyshire village

Cadbury chocolate Credit: PA

Residents of a Derbyshire village were recently woken to a unique surprise by one of the UK's biggest chocolate makers.

People living in Egginton, in the south of the county, were tasked with completing a giant Easter egg hunt one morning to find the "egg" on all of their Eggington street signs had vanished.

The village of just 600 then took to the streets to try and search for their missing "egg" signs.

The search led its residents to a giant selection of purple Cadbury Easter eggs, and villagers were invited to take one as a gift.

One resident, Emma Malvenan said: “I spotted the ‘egg’ had gone missing from the sign at the end of my lane and wondered what in the world could have happened.

"Before I knew it, I was part of a giant Easter Egg hunt.

“I couldn’t believe Cadbury had come to our little village to have some Easter fun with us.

"It really brought everyone together and I’m so pleased we got to be part of it – we’ll remember this day for a very long time.”

Egginton is especially passionate about Easter and celebrates each year by decorating houses, streets and historic buildings in preparation for various festivities.

Cadbury brand manager Laura Gray added: “We are thrilled to have created such a memorable Easter surprise for the people of Egginton to mark the return of the Cadbury Worldwide Hide.

"We wanted to do something a little different this year and really get people talking – we believe hiding the whole village has done egg-actly that.”