Animal rights activists protest outside Warwickshire farm where pigs 'are left to die'

  • Lucy Kapasi reports as animal rights activists gathered outside a Warwickshire farm protesting over the treatment of pigs.

It's after footage filmed by a private investigator, hired by animal rights organisation Animal Justice Project, was captured at Bickmarsh Hall Farm in Alcester over three months in September 2022.

Protesters Credit: Animal Rights Justice Project

8,000 pigs are housed at Bickmarsh Hall Farm - one of the UK's 'mega farms' - in 46 sheds.

The hidden cameras show one pig being eaten by other pigs, while a shivering and groaning piglet is trampled on and bitten by others.

The farm rears pigs for pork producer, Cranswick Country Foods, which supplies some of the major supermarkets.

Bickmarsh Hall Farm is also Red Tractor approved - the UK's largest food and farm standards scheme, which indicates to consumers that food has been produced "to the highest standard".

Bickmarsh Hall Farm is one of the UK's mega farms, housing 8,000 pigs in 46 sheds Credit: ITV News Central

ITV News Central spoke to the farm owner on the phone and they did not wish to comment.

The company Red Tractor, which audits Bickmarsh Hall Farm says the farm has been to be in compliance with animal welfare standards.

A spokesperson said: “Red Tractor wrote to the owner to set out specific requirements designed to ensure standards continue to be met in future. Red Tractor's work continues to enforce compliance at the farm in question.

"We will conduct further unannounced inspections at that farm over the coming weeks, to ensure that the standards (and the specific requirements in our letter) continue to be met. Protecting animal welfare is a top priority and Red Tractor takes any allegations in this area very seriously."