Just Stop Oil supporters 'hugging' Dippy the Diplodocus arrested at museum

Just Stop Oil supporters filmed the moment they breached the security barriers at a museum exhibit in Coventry.

Two protestors from the Just Stop Oil group have been arrested at a "Dippy the Diplodocus" exhibition in Coventry.

The man a woman breached a security barrier at the Herbert Museum, but were wrestled to the ground by staff.

It all happened in front of dozens of young children who were there for a Bank Holiday day out.

It's the group's latest protest across the country, demanding that the government stop all new UK fossil fuel projects.

The group breached the museum's security barrier Credit: Just Stop Oil

One woman can be seen hugging the leg of the dinosaur, while security staff try to remove her from the on-loan display.

The museum says it is now closed for the rest of the day.

Dippy the Diplodocus Credit: Firefly Aerial Innovation

Many visitors had ventured to the museum to see Dippy the Diplodocus, who is on a three-year loan to the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, from the Natural History Museum.

A spokesperson for CV Life, which runs the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum and Coventry Transport Museum, said:

“Today (April 10) two protestors were apprehended by our security team during an incident. 

"We believe that protestors from Just Stop Oil were targeting Dippy the diplodocus cast which is on loan to the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum.

“Thankfully, there was no damage caused to the building or exhibits and the police are now dealing with the incident.

“We thank our visitors for cooperating with our team as they dealt with the incident.

"As a precaution, the Dippy exhibition area at HAGM is closed for the remainder of today.”

In a statement, Just Stop Oil said:

“Humanity is at risk of extinction, and so is everything we have ever created.

"Our works of art, our favourite novels, our historical buildings and artefacts, our traditions – we’re terrifyingly close to losing everything we value and love.  

"Our cultural institutions have failed to admit the truth and failed to address the urgency of action.

"It is immoral for cultural institutions to stand by and watch whilst our society faces inevitable collapse".

West Midlands Police said:

"We arrested two people following disorder at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry around 10am today (10 April).

"A woman, aged 67, and a man, aged 21, have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to cause criminal damage and remain in custody for questioning."Two large bags of dry paint were also seized by officers.

"We have Protest Liaison Officers remaining on scene to keep people safe and disruption to a minimum."