Turkey earthquake: Birmingham aid worker leads Ramadan fundraising team in disaster zone

  • ITV Central journalist Raheem Rashid reports on Shreen's journey to Turkey, as she joins presenters Sameena Ali-Khan and Steve Clamp in the studio

An aid worker from Birmingham has travelled to the epicentre of February's earthquake in Turkey to hand out emergency supplies during Ramadan.

It’s been two months since 75 seconds of hell changed so much in the country and neighboring Syria, with the death toll now standing at more than 57,000 people - though that number is still just an approximation.

While many may have moved on from the disaster - the aid relief effort is still very much underway.

More than 57,000 have died following the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Credit: Shreen Mahmood

Shreen Mahmood got back from the disaster zone in Kahramanmaraş last Tuesday, after her team raised nearly £35,000 in aid.

Donations from Midlanders, friends and families meant Shreen and her team handed out food parcels, hygiene packs and Eid gifts for the children. 

The money was also used for baby food and children’s clothes. 

More than 121,000 were injured following the earthquake. Credit: Shreen Mahmood

And in the midst of Ramadan - despite their toil - many living in the camps are fasting, and Shreen’s team helped give out food for Iftar - the breaking of the fast.

Basic necessities like cheese, eggs, olives, milk and water were handed out.

But, as Shreen says, while Turkey tries to rebuild itself, so much more is still needed.