Lasting impact after predator teaching assistant sent 'sex questionnaire' to underage girls

ITV News Central correspondent Nancy Cole reports on the lasting impact a teaching assistant who preyed on teenage girls with sexually explicit messages left.

The victims of a teaching assistant who preyed on teenage girls with sexually explicit messages have said the harm he caused will impact their lives forever. 

One victim said she took an overdose because of the trauma. Another woman said she struggles with relationships after what happened to her as a young girl.

Kevin Doxey, 27, from Wirksworth, in Derbyshire pleaded guilty to four counts of engaging in sexual communication with a child.

He was sentenced in April to two years in prison and will be on the sex offender register for 10 years. 

Doxey had worked at Anthony Gell School in Wirksworth where he targeted underage girls on their social media accounts. 

Victims said simple messages soon led to sexually-charged questions and intimate photos. 

One woman said: "I ignored him several times after him asking me to stay at his house, he actually sent me an inappropriate photo with a caption of 'wish you were here' with a winking emoji and stuff, that was disturbing."

From his phone, evidence was gathered relating to four victims. It took six years for the case to get anywhere. 

It was a dark time for one victim who said she tried to take her own life.

Kevin Doxey worked as a teaching assistant at Anthony Gell School, in Wood Street, Wirksworth Credit: Derbyshire Police

She said: "I took an overdose, I tried to kill myself. It was what he did. It took my whole life away from me.

"I just stopped trusting people who I thought I could trust so I just drifted away from a lot." 

Another victim said Doxey "was in a position of trust and I couldn't trust him", which has led to her struggling to create relationships. 

In a statement, Anthony Gell School said it worked closely with the police and safeguarding authorities on this investigation. 

"Safeguarding our students remains a key priority, with constant monitoring and regular training.

"Our students feel empowered to report any concerns they may have, and they know they will be listened to.

"We talk about safeguarding with our students and reinforce key messages regularly. Our community knows that we will respond to and act on any concerns they may have around the safety of young people."

ITV News Central Correspondent Nancy Cole speaks with the two women who were sexually preyed upon Credit: ITV News Central

Jailing him for two years at Derby Crown Court earlier this year, Recorder Graham Huston said: "I have to deal with you as a persistent sexual predator who used his position of trust to exploit their vulnerabilities.

"You have messed with the minds of these young women and you knew what you were doing was unlawful because you had undergone full safeguarding training.

"I consider the witness statements and the victim personal statements of each complainant very carefully. You caused real harm to each one of them."

Derbyshire Police has said it apologises to those who were affected by his crimes who haven't received the service they expected.

In a statement, Derbyshire Police said: "As a force we understand that the impact of crimes like those committed by Kevin Doxey can have a life-long impact on victims.

"We apologise that those affected by his crimes have not received the service that they expected and we will be contacting them to understand how our service to future victims can be improved."

It continued: "The force received complaints from two victims that they had been sent inappropriate sexual messages by Kevin Doxey.

"The force conducted an investigation, during which Doxey was interviewed.

"He gave an explanation that his account had been hacked and that he had not sent the messages.

"As a result of technical issues relating to the social media accounts, the investigating officers were unable able to disprove Doxey’s account.

"When a further complaint was made – eventually identifying two further victims – the two initial complaints were reopened.

"While new information had not been discovered in relation to the offences that had been reported the similarities between the cases provided the clear extra evidence to support the claims and demonstrated Doxey’s pattern of offending. 

"The case was subsequently submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service."

Derbyshire Police continued: "There was a significant delay which was as a result of a backlog in the forensic investigation of devices seized from Doxey.

"These lines of enquiry were absolutely essential to the case, however, we absolutely understand the impact that delays have on victims and endeavour to update those involved as the enquiries continue.

"As a force we take all reports of this nature seriously, no matter when they have occurred, and will investigate them thoroughly. 

"The force and the CPS have been working more closely regarding these types of offences, in order that early advice can be given regarding lines of enquiry to follow and ensure that the very best possibility of bringing those responsible to justice.

"The force has also undertaken training with officers to ensure to ensure that they have knowledge to capture and recover digital forensic evidence – which is crucial in cases such as this.

"As well as this the force has also improved its processes relating to social media companies to gain further vital evidence in a timely and efficient manner.

A spokesperson from the Crown Prosecution Service said: "We would encourage anyone who thinks they have experienced or witnessed sexual abuse of any kind to come forward and report it, no matter how long ago it was.

"The CPS will take your allegation seriously and will work with the police to follow all lines of enquiry to build the strongest case possible.

"Prosecutors and police officers are coming together at an increasingly early stage in cases to give early legal advice to the investigation and to identify lines of enquiry."

The woman hope their experience will give a voice to other victims and protect young girls from harm. 

Though they say "he will be able to move on better than we will" they are working to rebuild their lives. 

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