How well do you know Robin Hood? Have a go at our quiz

In a special two-part series, our correspondent Peter Bearne has been looking at whether Nottingham does enough to celebrate its world-famous legendary outlaw

But how much do you know about the man himself? Have a go at our Robin Hood quiz - no prizes, just a bit of fun - scroll down for the answers.

1. Which of these actors has NOT played Robin Hood on the big screen?

A) Errol Flynn

B) Sean Bean

C) Sean Connery

2) Legend has it that Robin married Maid Marian at which Nottinghamshire church?

A) St Mary’s, Nottingham

B) St Mary’s, Plumtree

C) St Mary’s, Edwinstowe

3) By making his home in Sherwood Forest, how did Robin risk getting into trouble with the law?

A) The forest was a protected nature reserve

B) There was a law banning the wearing of tights in the forest

C) The forest belonged to the King and entering without permission was trespass

4) In which English county will you find Robin's Hood Bay?

A) North Yorkshire

B) Nottinghamshire

C) Lincolnshire

5) In the time of Robin Hood, roughly how much of Nottinghamshire was woodland?

A) A fifth

B) A tenth

C) Half

6) Which of these will you NOT find in Nottingham?

A) Maid Marian Way

B) The Merry Men Window Cleaning Service

C) Little John Lane

7) "Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen" is a well-known song about the outlaw. Which popular comedy show feaured a spoof version called "Dennis Moore"?

A) The Goons

B) Monty Python's Flying Circus

C) Not the Nine O' Clock News

8) "Everything I Do I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams was the hit song from the 1991 film "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves". How long did it spend at Number 1 in the Official UK Chart?

A) 8 weeks

B) 12 weeks

C) 16 weeks

9) Which famous tree in Sherwood Forest is said to have been the location for Robin's hideout?

A) The Outlaw's Oak

B) The Major Oak

C) The Archer's Oak

10) In the 1973 animated Disney film, "Robin Hood", Robin was

A) A fox

B) A bear

C) A hare

Answers: 1 - b, 2 - c, 3 - c, 4 - a, 5 - a, 6 - c, 7 - b, 8 - c, 9 - b, 10 - a