Prince and Princess of Wales greet crowds and make roti on visit to Birmingham

The Prince and Princess of Wales ate at an Indian restaurant in Birmingham before meeting crowds across the city

The Prince and Princess of Wales were greeted by huge crowds and cheers as they spent the day in Birmingham, where they met business and civic leaders.

The day began with a celebration of Birmingham's Asian heritage and culture, as the Royal couple visited the Indian Streatery restaurant in the city centre.

Owners showed the Cambridge's how to make roti and spoke to them about their business, while staff said it had been a dream come true to meet the couple.

"I'm grateful, I'm really thankful," said 17-year-old staff member David. "I was really excited to meet them."

His colleague Sam agreed. "It's a great feeling," he said. "You can see it in my face."

The had a photo with the staff of the Indian streatery. Credit: PA

The Streatery's owners said they were "proud" to have hosted the visit.

"We've got loads of really great restaurants in Birmingham so the fact that they chose us is amazing," said Meena Sharma.

They also found out that Prince William doesn't like his food particularly spicy.

"He can't take his food very spicy," said Meena, before adding: "He doesn't like coriander, and she is a dab hand at all of those and loves all of those, and the kids enjoy Indian food as well."

Meena and Rakesh own the Indian Streatery in central Birmingham

The Princess of Wales also puts lots of spinach in her curries, she told Meena, to encourage her children to eat "more healthily."

Along with chatting to the owners and other staff, the Prince and Princess tried their hand at making roti. Meena added that the flatbread was "part of her heritage."

"To see the royal family rolling out a roti, and then tasting the roti as's just amazing. They came and enjoyed my childhood with me, what my mum made, and they would be really proud."

She admitted to ITV News Central that Prince William was "hopeless."

"You always let the lady win," said fellow owner and husband Rakesh.

Following their visit to the restaurant, Prince William and Princess Katherine went to Birmingham's jewellery quarter - home to about 40% of all jewellery made in the UK.

They visited the Rectory in St Paul's Square, where they spoke to local designers, artists, and playwrights, and even played a game of darts.

Prince William spoke about his love of football on a visit to the Jewellery Quarter

After leaving the building, they spoke to members of the public who had gathered outside - with Prince William discussing football with one fan.

"I was watching the other night, against Chelsea, they were really unlucky," he said, speaking about the Aston Villa women's side he's supported all his life.

"I love my football," he added. "But I am President of the FA so I have present, everyone's got a chance."

"I have to tread that line very carefully."

"A great vibe" in Birmingham, says Princess

Speaking to the public, the Princess said there was a "really great vibe," in Birmingham.

"Thanks so much for coming down," she added as she shook hands.

"I admire you so much for being able to walk in those shoes," one woman told her.

"I am slightly tottering," she laughed.