Worcester Cathedral welcomes first peregrine falcon chicks of the year

Two of four chicks have now hatched at Worcester Cathedral. Credit: Worcester Cathedral

Worcester Cathedral's first peregrine falcon chicks of 2023 have hatched.

Two falcons returned after migrating earlier this year and laid four eggs which are now starting to hatch.

The first of the four eggs hatched yesterday afternoon (April 26) at around 4pm.

Today, a second chick hatache at around 8:40am, when it was soon fed by its mother.

The first chick can be seen amongst the remaining at around 5:30am today. Credit: Worcester Cathedral

Unhatched chicks are expected to hatch within the next few days.

After the birth of the first chick, the Cathedral wrote on Twitter: "Mum is now keeping it warm, so keep watching the live webcam for the first glimpse of chick number one."

It's the second time in 12 years where chicks have been born at the cathedral nest.