Woman saved after Mini sinks in flooded ford near Pershore in Worcestershire

Video shows how the woman was rescued from her car - just in time - before it flooded with water

A woman was rescued from her Mini in Worcestershire after it crashed into a flooded ford earlier this week.

Police received a 999 call on Tuesday morning, and were told that the woman was stuck in the ford between Pershore and Drakes Broughton. 

Due to heavy rainfall in the area it had been subject to flash flooding.

Upon arriving, officers discovered the car was already at least 10 metres downstream and submerged underwater.

Officers found the car almost submerged in the water. Credit: West Mercia Police.

One officer waded into the water to keep the woman calm while other officers worked on breaking the driver’s window.

After successfully breaking the car window, officers formed a human chain to successfully pull her from the vehicle before it fully sank into the water.

Chief Inspector Brian Gibbs said: "Unfortunately the woman found herself in difficulty in the ford and we’re really pleased officers were able to act so swiftly and rescue her before the vehicle sank too far under the water."

Officers formed a human chain to pull the woman from the car. Credit: West Mercia Police.

He adds: "Thankfully she wasn’t injured during the incident."

He said the incident was a "a stark reminder of how dangerous the water can be."

"I am immensely proud of the work of our team, they all acted in the finest traditions of policing acting quickly and instinctively working together as a team to rescue the lady."