Walsall man with terrorist manuals convicted after trying to make explosives in kitchen

Vaughn Dolphin
Vaughn Dolphin Credit: West Midlands Police

A right-wing extremist from Walsall who tried to make explosives in a kitchen, has been found guilty of possessing explosive material and manuals, on how to make improvised explosives and firearms.

Vaughn Dolphin who's 20 and from Walsall Wood Road in Aldridge, was arrested on the 27th June 2022, at an address in Cheshire on suspicion of terrorism offences, following an investigation by counter-terrorism police.

He was convicted at Birmingham Crown Court today of two offences of possessing chemicals to make explosive material, despite claiming that he had bought the material to get rid of a tree stump in his garden.

Dolphin was also found guilty of:

  • six offences relating to the possession and distribution of terrorist manuals

  • convicted of two further charges of disseminating a terrorist publication, being reckless as to whether terrorist activity would be encouraged

  • a charge of possession of a firearm

Police say he had taken a lot of interest in terrorist attacks in New Zealand and the US, and had downloaded manifestos drawn up by the attackers.

"Ah well - you live and you learn"

In a video shared by counter-terror police, Dolphin is seen on video in a gas mask, in the aftermath of trying to manufacture explosive material in a kitchen.

Dolphin is seen wearing a gas mask after a failed attempt to make explosives in a kitchen Credit: West Midlands Police

Video captures the moment it exploded into the room.

He's then seen speaking to camera saying "Ah well, you live and you learn".

Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Payne, head of Counter Terrorism Policing West Midlands CTU, said:

“Dolphin had claimed he had an interest in chemicals and military memorabilia, however he combined a toxic extremist mindset, sharing right wing material online with the real-world acquisition of explosive material and homemade weapons.

"His mindset is one of a dangerous individual equipping themselves to harm others who did not look like him or who he disagreed with.

“Extremists use this kind of ideology to create discord, distrust and fear among our communities, our work to target dangerous individuals continues".

Dolphin will be sentenced on 11 May.