ITV News Reporter reflects on her day in the crowds for King Charles III's Coronation

  • WATCH: Hannah Bechelet's report from the Coronation Day in London

If the new King and Queen want to know how popular they are then they could do worse than watch back the scenes of thousands of people standing in the rain to watch their Coronation yesterday.

Granted those who came out were likely to be those who were fans of the royals anyway, but you have to have some commitment to the monarchy to want to stand for hours in the pouring rain!

I was with a family group from Birmingham who chose to do just that.

Rebecca, Claire, Amii, April and Jackie travelled from Birmingham to London for the Coronation

Jackie, her daughters Rebecca and Amii, her granddaughter April and Amii's best friend were part of a group I spent the day of the late Queen's funeral with in September. And yesterday couldn't have felt more different.

As Amii described it, in September the weather was great but the mood was sombre. Yesterday the weather was sombre but the mood couldn't have been more joyful.

At the funeral it was surreal being surrounded by so many people, yet being sat in eerie silence. Yesterday the mood was high. People were cracking open bottles of champagne, waving flags, and cheering when the new King and Queen came on the screen. (There were also big cheers for the Wales' too!)

Walking through the streets (which admittedly did feel quieter than on the day of the funeral) people were stopping to have photos taken with flower arrangements and photos of the King which had been put outside pubs and hotels. Even the Dorchester Hotel was decked out in tribute!

The Dorchester Credit: ITV News

On the day of the funeral, those unable to see the procession were at least able to see a glimpse of the coffin as it made its way to Windsor. Unfortunately for the group I was with, and many others unable to get into The Mall, Green Park or St James' Park before they closed, there was no chance of seeing any of the action, or the royals in person, try as we might! 

What we did see though was a cut-down fly-past flying over the rainy streets of London - the Red Arrows always guaranteed to make an impression, whatever the weather!

I made it onto The Mall a short while after the Royal Family had gone back into Buckingham Palace, and had another little wander around about five o'clock in the afternoon. Despite the day's official celebrations being over, people were reluctant to leave, milling around The Mall, laughing, chatting to each other and posing for photos. The sense of a party atmosphere was still strong and people who saw us with a camera wanted to stop and chat about how wonderful it was and how much they loved the royals.

Hannah reporting from The Mall with producer/cameraman Ciaran Fitzpatrick

I'm looking forward to sitting down and catching up on the procession on the TV today, but I'm thrilled I was able to be in London yesterday, despite not seeing anything in person. The excitement of thousands of people celebrating a new King and Queen was papable among the crowds and it's a day I will never forget!