Trentham Monkey Forest welcomes baby Barbary macaques

One of Trentham Monkey Forest's new Barbary macaques Credit: ITV News Central

Three Barbary macaques have been born at Trentham Monkey Forest in Staffordshire.

Europe's only native species of monkey is endangered, with less than 8,000 in the wild, and the newborns are a part of a programme aimed at improving populations.

The Monkey Forest is home to 140 free-ranging Barbary macaques, who roam freely around the 60-acre Trentham Estate.

Just like they would have been in the wild, the babies were born without help up in the trees of the forest.

A baby Barbary macaques with its parent. Credit: ITV Central

Monkey Forest Park Director, Matt Lovatt, said: "We are thrilled to welcome these new additions to our Monkey Forest family.

"They are already proving to be incredibly popular with our visitors, who are enjoying watching them play and interact with their monkey families.

"Barbary macaques are a highly endangered species, with less than 8,000 in the wild, so every birth that takes place at the park is very special."

Conservation and breeding efforts from the site is hoping to help improve numbers of the rapidly declining species.

Visitors are able to walk around and see the newborns monkeys behaviour just like they would in the wild.

Did you know this about Barbary macaques?

  • Barbary macaques are born with darker fur than adults

  • It can take up to ten days for baby Barbary macaques to walk and climb

  • For its first two years of life, a baby Barbary macaques relies on its mother for warmth, protection and comfort

  • Female Barbary macaques will usually have their first baby at 5 years old

  • Most adult male Barbary macaques weigh around 17kg