Couple divided as Notts County prepare to play Chesterfield in Wembley play-off final

Iain and wife Grace support rival teams in tonight's play-off final at Wembley

Iain Milner is a Notts County fan. His wife Grace supports Chesterfield - and that is posing some problems, ahead of tonight's play-off final at Wembley.

Notts County have a chance to move into League Two - if they beat the Lincolnshire side.

It has been a record-breaking season for the Magpies, which saw them obtain 107 points in the league - a tally which could have guaranteed them promotion in any other season.

This year though it was only good enough for second place, as Ryan Reynolds' Wrexham took the title - and the only automatic promotion place - with their huge 111 points haul.

Game 'on a different level'

"This is the biggest test so far I think," Iain told ITV News Central.

"A play-off final to get back into the football league between our two teams. We've faced nothing like this have we?"

Chesterfield supporting Grace agreed, and suggested that the couple's football shirts can't even sit next to each other on the washing line.

"There's always a pair of underpants between the two shirts at any one time," said Iain, who has a Notts County tattoo.

Notts County head coach Luke Williams said ahead of the match that it was "two clubs that are in the wrong place at this moment in time and two very well supported clubs.

"So it's a brilliant occasion. I'm sure we are the only country on the planet you can have a game of this size in the fifth tier.

"It's remarkable the interest and the passion for football in this country is I think higher than you would see anywhere else in the world."

Iain and Grace will be heading to Wembley to watch on Saturday afternoon, where they'll sit on opposite sides of the stadium. They suggested it's not yet clear if they'll share a car home afterwards.

"I might just drive off without you," Grace said.