Leicester father's heartbreak over daughter killed by her partner

Smita Mistry Credit: Leicestershire Police

The father of a woman killed by her partner in her own home in Leicester has paid tribute to his only child.

Smita Mistry died from inflicted blunt force trauma in March 2021, at the hands of Frank Farrell.

He killed her at her home before reporting to police that she had slipped in the bath.

The 38-year old was found guilty in December 2021 of her murder.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment to serve a minimum of 24 years in December 2021.

Watch the CCTV moments where Farrell attends a police station, to feign concern for Smita Mistry

"An infectious smile"

Smita Mistry’s father paid tribute to his daughter, describing her as someone who was "always smiling".

He said: "Smita was my only child, she was active and bubbly with an infectious smile.  

She was friendly and made friends quite easily.  She was always smiling, pleasant, and polite.

I have lots of precious memories of Smita and lots of photos of the time she spent with me – times with her as a child when I used to take her to play-schemes, swimming, and play parks.

These were good times and fun memories.

She was a kind and gentle soul and a good person who meant no harm to anyone.

All she wanted out of life was to be loved, and cared for, and have a settled family life.

Smita’s death has left me distraught and empty. 

I cannot bear to think what she must have gone through and the pain she must have suffered.

She was brutally assaulted and murdered.

She must have died in horrific circumstances and this is too painful to think about.

I cannot contemplate why anyone could be so cruel as to take someone’s life.

What I do know is that Smita will never be forgotten and will always be remembered with endless love.

I would like to thank all the witnesses for their support in stepping forward to give evidence and all those in the Saffron community who have supported Smita and were kind and caring towards her".

Frank Farrell killed Smita Mistry at her home in Leicester Credit: Leicestershire Police

It was during the investigation into Ms Mistry's murder, that police identified and contacted two female victims of rape and assault offences.

Farrell was sentenced to a further 12 years at Leicester Crown Court today (22nd May), after being convicted of four counts of rape and six of actual bodily harm, dating from 2009 to 2015.

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