Killer already on life sentence now jailed for serial rape attacks in Leicester

Frank Farrell seen on CCTV at Euston Street police station, reporting "concern" for his partner Credit: Leicestershire Police

Warning - this article contains details that some readers may find distressing

A convicted murderer who was found guilty of a series of rapes against two women has been sentenced to a further 12 years.

Frank Farrell, who is 38, and from Leicester, was convicted of four counts of rape and six of actual bodily harm, dating from 2009 to 2015.

Farrell had previously been convicted in 2021 for the murder of Smita Mistry - and is currently serving a life sentence with a minimum term of 24 years.

He murdered his-then girlfriend at her home and then went to the police, telling them he was worried about her because she had slipped in the bath.

He told officers that Ms Mistry, who was also known as Samita Saunders in the community, had fallen in the bath before he had left her home, and that he now couldn’t get hold of her.

Frank Farrell was arrested on suspicion of murder on the same day Smita Mistry's body had been found Credit: BPM Media

Leicestershire Police sent officers to Smita's home in Gedge Way on the Saffron Lane Estate.

After breaking in they found her dead on her bed with multiple blunt force injuries to her head and torso.

The 32-year-old had died from an internal abdominal haemorrhage caused by the brutal attack.

Farrell was arrested on suspicion of murder that evening.

He told officers that he had given Ms Mistry some Ibuprofen after she had fallen, and that when he had left she was walking around.

He said there had been an argument.

Watch the CCTV moments where Farrell attends a police station, to feign concern for Smita Mistry

Farrell from St Peter's Road, Highfields, denied murder but he was found guilty by a jury at Leicester Crown Court back in December 2021.

He was jailed for life with a minimum of 24 years.

The case could not be reported on until the 16th May, because Farrell faced a further trial.

Watch the CCTV capturing Farrell's movements in the area near Smita’s home

Farrell was seen outside Ms Mistry’s home on the evening of the 21st March - she was heard telling him to leave.

Farrell was reported to have been seen putting his hand on the door, forcing his way in.

CCTV then picks up the moment Farrell leaves Gedge Way in the early hours of the 23rd March 2021, driving off.

He was then seen back at the property the same afternoon at around 4.30pm, looking through the letterbox.

Following a full investigation, Farrell was charged on Friday 26 March 2021 with the murder of Ms Mistry.

Farrell seen leaving Gedge Way in Leicester

"Forced dog faeces into her mouth"

It was during this investigation that police identified and contacted the two female victims of rape and assault offences.

One of the women described how Farrell had raped her, and forced her to have sex multiple times.

She reported that she had feared being assaulted if she refused.

She also described being hit to the face by Farrell leaving her with a black eye, and that he had also beaten her with wooden bed slats.

The second woman again described Farrell raping her and demanding sex with her, and fearing being beaten up if she refused.

She described being assaulted by Farrell and that at one time, Farrell had forced dog faeces into her mouth.

Farrell was charged with the rape and assault offences in September 2021.

In a statement issued on the 11 May 2023, Detective Chief Inspector Nicole Main, Senior Investigating Officer at Leicestershire Police, said:

"The conviction for murder followed an investigation which relied on people within the local community coming forward to us with information and I thank all of those who did assist us with our enquiries thereby helping us to gain justice for Smita.

"While Farrell was in custody, our investigations led us to bringing the further charges against Farrell of rape and assault against two other women.

"When approached by officers as part of the murder investigation, both bravely spoke out about the horrific attacks they had endured.

"Despite this meaning they had to relive an incredibly traumatic period of their lives, both women courageously worked with us to help secure the further convictions.

"I truly thank them for that and hope that today now helps them in some small way as they try to move forward in their lives.

"Please know that if you are a victim of a sexual offence, it is never too late to speak to us. We will work with you, support you and we will help you."

"A kind and gentle soul"

Smita Mistry Credit: Leicestershire Police

Smita's father paid tribute to his only child, saying:

"Smita’s death has left me distraught and empty. I cannot bear to think what she must have gone through and the pain she must have suffered.

"She was brutally assaulted and murdered. She must have died in horrific circumstances and this is too painful to think about.

"I would like to thank all the witnesses for their support in stepping forward to give evidence and all those in the Saffron community who have supported Smita and were kind and caring towards her".

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