Shropshire residents bewildered as mysterious web covers roundabout hedge

The webs have been seen on a roundabout in Shropshire Credit: BPM Media

Residents in Shropshire have been left bewildered after noticing a bush covered in a mass of webs.

The natural occurrence was spotted on a roundabout at the Meole Brace Retail Park in Shrewsbury and appeared to be a heap of spider webs.

Jennifer Anderson saw the webs and shared pictures to social media. When she got closer, she noticed the culprits were in fact caterpillars.

Jennifer explained: "I thought it was spiders until I got close enough to see the caterpillars, it was an amazing sight, something I have only seen on TV or online before, nature is an amazing thing."

Experts say it's been formed by caterpillars Credit: BPM Media

One person commented on Jennifer's social media post to say that the spectacle was ermine moth cobwebs.

On its website, says: "These webs and caterpillars are harmless and usually last from May to June.

"The webs slowly disappear over the summer and typically the hedgerow shrubs/trees recover."

Answering why caterpillars spin these webs, says: "It's a successful evolutionary strategy, providing protection from predators through safety in numbers.

"However, numbers are hard to hide and hence the production of the silken webbing."