Des Coleman's May bank holiday weekend weather forecast for the Midlands

Credit: ITV News Central

Well, well, well it seems as though our weather story is a real page turner as we head into the next few days especially when you consider that early spring wasn’t playing ball. 

Here is a phrase I love saying “Azores high” I’ve noticed that every time I mention it, a smile - barely perceptible - creeps across my face as I know warm and humid air is set to follow. 

And that is exactly what we have with us right now.

An Azores high bringing with it light winds, plenty of sunshine and temperatures that are above the average for this stage in the year.

Usually though, we do tend to see those temperatures continuing to rise but the odd very weak weather front is trying to spoil the plot.

They don’t as they fizzle out into non-existence entering into eternal nothingness.  

Specifically for those fact heads out there (of which I am one) when it comes to temperatures, the earliest occurrence of 25 degrees tended to fall in May but things have changed since the 1980s (best decade ever! Ghetto Blasters, Power dressing, Wham and the Texan Bar, ‘bite through the chocolate and chew real slow’) it increasingly happened in April. 

It's about time we had a fab bank holiday weekend so enjoy the warm weather although heads up for UV levels as they will be quite high!

Take it easy…..Des x