Coventry City owner Doug King says focus not on money ahead of richest game in football

Coventry City owner Doug King says his backing for the football club won't change whatever the result in the Championship play-off final.In an exclusive interview to be shown on ITV Central tonight, I spoke to him at his Stratford-based business Yelo Enterprises. Hence the hard hats!This move into the rapeseed oil business brought him to the West Midlands in 2016 and eventually to taking over Coventry City.This weekend the winners of the play-off final will make around £170m, which could rise to £290m according to financial experts at Deloitte.

Doug said: "I don't think you focus on that. I mean, it's a moment for us to break out of where we want to break out of. I was always consistent on that, in the discussions. 

"The goal is we're trying to you break out of the Championship and head there. And obviously we've got a chance now, a really good chance this Saturday."It's coming in earlier than maybe I was anticipating. But we've done some really good things since January and we've built on obviously the foundations that were there before."Asked if his backing for the club will remain the same whatever happens this weekend, he replied: "Of course. There's been very, very little money spent on infrastructure here and we're kicking off with the pitches but the training site at Ryton needs to be totally transformed, the academy needs a proper look. 

"We need to get ourselves where we need to be for a city of the stature of Coventry. So that will continue whatever happens. You know, I've committed to doing that so that when I leave here, everybody will go, 'At least we got some great stuff."