Police investigating after emergency car carrying organs hit by brick

The incident happened at around 6pm on Monday 15 May. Credit: Derbyshire Police

Police in Derbyshire are appealing for information after an organ delivery car was hit by a brick while on an emergency trip.

The incident happened at around 6pm on Monday 15 May on the A38 southbound near the Toyota Island.

The brick, which police say is believed to have been thrown from the bridge over the dual carriageway, bounced off the windscreen and caused a large crack in the glass. Luckily, the driver wasn't physically injured.

In a statement, Derbyshire Police said: "Fortunately, the driver, who was making an emergency delivery, was not physically hurt, however, significant damage was caused to the windscreen by the brick which is believed to have been thrown from a bridge above the dual carriageway."

The car's blue lights had been on at the time of the incident. It is not clear whether it continued on its journey to its destination or stopped at the side of the road.

The Toyota Island is a major roundabout and junction on the A38 southbound towards Birmingham, and is used by thousands of drivers daily to access the A50 towards Uttoxeter and Stoke and south Derbyshire villages such as Willington and Repton.

Police officers are appealing for anyone with information or dashcam footage which may help the investigation, to contact Derbyshire Police online, on Facebook, on Twitter or over the phone, quoting the reference number 23*294942.