McFly celebrate 20 years together with tour heading to Midlands

  • McFly came to the ITV News Central studio ahead of their nationwide tour

McFly have released a brand new album and are about to embark on a nationwide tour - where they will be performing in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, Birmingham and then Nottingham later this year.

The band first found fame in their teens as their single, "5 Colours in her Hair", went straight to number one in 2004.

They become the youngest band to have a UK number one album, taking the crown from The Beatles.

The band are now celebrating twenty years in the business.

In an interview with ITV News Central they McFly described why the band is so important to them, and the fans.

Tom Fletcher said:

"We've been really lucky our fans are so dedicated and have grown up with us.

"We're seeing the same faces that we saw 20 years ago.

The band are celebrating 20 years in the business Credit: PA IMAGES

"Because McFly isn't just us four it's become a family which is why the shows feel so amazing - there is a real love for our music which is incredible.

"But also seeing our fans bring a long their kids is just incredible."

As with any new release, the band are looking forward to getting back on the road on tour.

The band told ITV News Central that their first night on tour ever was in Wolverhampton, 20 years ago.

Danny Jones said:

"We get excited to show off! All this work we have done you know.

"The hard work is behind the scenes in rehearsals and making the album and touring is just the fun part. That's the party time!