Family relieved man found guilty of triple murder in 'utterly heartless and cruel' Clifton flat fire

The family of Fatoumatta, Fatimah and Naeemah said: "Words cannot quantify how much our family have suffered." Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

The family of a mother and two children who were murdered in a flat fire say they are relieved their killer has been brought to justice after his "utterly heartless and cruel" actions.

Jamie Barrow, 31, has been found guilty of the murders of Fatoumatta Hydara, 28, and her two daughters Fatimah and Naeemah Drammeh, aged three and one years old.

Barrow put petrol through their letterbox and started the fatal fire at their home in Fairisle Close in Clifton in Nottingham on 20 November 2022.

Fatoumatta has been lovingly described by her family as the "most incredible mother" with "a pure heart".

They added: "If love and compassion could make a person immortal, she would have lived forever.“

The victims' family also thanked the Nottingham and wider Gambian community for their support during such a distressing time.

Fatoumatta Hydara, Fatimah Drammeh and Naeemah Drammeh died at home in Clifton.

Barrow, who lived in the same block of flats as the young family, will be sentenced on Friday (7 July 2023).

Following the verdicts in Barrow's triple murder trial at Nottingham Crown Court, the family of Fatoumatta, Fatimah and Naeemah said in a joint statement: "Words cannot quantify how much our family have suffered because of the horrific actions of one man.

"Neither can we quantify the emotional, psychological, physiological and financial impact of the crime Jamie Barrow committed against Fatoumatta, Fatimah and Naeemah.

"His actions were utterly heartless and cruel – and have caused a multigenerational trauma that we will never understand.

"Fatoumatta was a caring daughter, wife, sister, mother and friend. If love and compassion could make a person immortal, she would have lived forever."

The three died as a result of smoke inhalation from the fire at a flat in Clifton. Credit: BPM Media

They added: "She had a pure heart and was greatly loved for her personality and qualities.

"She was the most incredible mother to Fatimah and Naeemah, two angels who deserved a beautiful childhood and a full life.

"Nottingham and the rest of the world have been denied potential future teachers, civil servants, doctors – who knows what they could have been?

"They lived a short but meaningful life, such was the joy and happiness they brought to us all.

"People repeatedly ask us how we as a family managed to stay calm and composed in the court room, the only true answer to this is the strength and patience given to us by Allah and our Khalifa as he always advises us to follow the law of the country and to stay steadfast.

“We have also received a great sense of companionship from our community the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jammat.

"The overwhelming support given to us by our Gambian Community here in the UK and around the world has encouraged us to keep calm and patient.

"We are extremely grateful and thankful to our family and friends, as well as the different communities within Nottingham that came together to give us support.

"This includes multiple communities all from different ethnicities and backgrounds.

"We also wish to thank the police investigation team, the Crown Prosecution Service, prosecution counsel and members of the jury for delivering the justice today’s verdicts provide."