NHS 75: Porter who worked for NHS for 23 years has no plans to leave

  • Hospital porter Peter "Snowy" Quinlan reminisces about his time working for the NHS

An 84-year-old hospital porter says he has no plans to stop working as he enjoys helping patients so much.

Peter "Snowy" Quinlan originally came to work at Lincoln County Hospital for three months and is still transporting patients around the site 23 years later.

He not only brightens up the day for patients but also NHS colleagues that he meets throughout his shift.

Speaking to ITV News as the NHS turns 75 this year, Mr Quinlan has reminisced over some of the lighter times while working.

He said: "I've had it many times, young girls in the lift who are practically ready for having children and they said where's the delivery ward and I've said to them, 'please don't do it in the lift, because I'm not qualified."

'The NHS is struggling...and there's not enough staff'

Mr Quinlan also speaks of the challenges the health system faces, saying: "The NHS is struggling, where they are having to work all the hours there is and there's not enough staff.

"If I could get a magic wand now, there would be money behind me to pay for all that and that's all it needs.

"The NHS to me, is the carings of the NHS, the passion and also the people who gather round you and make this place what it is."

Mr Quinlan said: "I really love it, especially being part of such a great team.

"I love the bond we have and all of the banter. It is so lovely and a privilege to be able to put able to talk to patients and be able to put a smile on their faces during what is often a really worrying or stressful time.

"As a team, we will always do our best. I get pleasure coming here to work with the lads and the nurses and even some of the doctors, who are brilliant."