Additional inquests opened into deaths of patients treated by rogue surgeon Ian Paterson

Paterson is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence. Credit: PA

Inquests have been opened today into the deaths of a further 11 former patients of disgraced breast surgeon Ian Paterson.

One of those patients was Jennifer Lloyd-Faux from Billesley in Birmingham who died in 2009 from breast cancer.

Ian Paterson first saw Jennifer in 2000 but she was discharged, despite lumps being found in her breast.

When she was eventually operated on he performed a cleavage sparing mastectomy without her permission.

Six years later Jennifer experienced back pain but Paterson told her it was nothing to do with her cancer and refused to see her.

A private MRI scan, organised by a cancer charity, later revealed three tumours on her spine.

Today Jennifer's daughter, Amy Lloyd, told ITV News Central that she hopes Paterson will face further action if he's found to have acted illegally

"My mum was a teacher, she was very well respected, she enjoyed helping children who were having difficulties such as special educational needs, she ran a bereavement workshop for children who were bereaved, she also fostered three children", says

"She was a very kind and caring person and a loss to the world", she adds.

"Ian Paterson is already in prison so he cant harm anyone at the moment but if he's committed a crime with respect to my mum's health or any other patient's health then I think it's important he faces the consequences".

The 11 new cases are in addition to 27 inquests that had already been opened since July 2020, with more to follow on October 6.

At Birmingham and Solihull Coroner's Court today, Judge Richard Foster said he “had reason to believe” that sub-standard care by the jailed surgeon had caused or contributed to the deaths of each of the women, who died between 1998 and 2015.

Judge Foster said: “Following a review of this case by a multi-disciplinary team, I have reason to believe that the deceased’s death was caused or contributed to by sub-standard treatment provided by Mr Paterson, and other clinicians involved in the care of the deceased.”

Who is Ian Paterson and what did he do?

Ian Paterson was a consultant breast surgeon in the West Midlands, working in both NHS and private practice at Heartlands Hospital, Solihull Hospital, Good Hope Hospital, Spire Hospital Parkway and Spire Hospital Little Aston.

Paterson is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence after being found to have carried out unnecessary and unapproved procedures on more than 1,000 breast cancer patients over 14 years.

He was jailed in 2017 for wounding with intent and ­unlawfully wounding nine women and one man he treated between 1997 and 2011.

Adjourning the inquests, Judge Foster said: “I will adjourn this inquest until any further pre-inquest review hearings and thereafter to a substantive hearing due to take place on October 7 2024, while other cases are considered by the multi-disciplinary team of medical experts.

“Although I have identified that systemic issues will be considered, I want to assure all families of the deceased that they will remain at the focus and centre and heart of my investigations.

“I know it is many years since your loved one passed away, but that does not in any way diminish your loss.

“I realise having an inquest like this will only cause further distress, however, it is only right that an inquest is undertaken to investigate what might have gone wrong, and to prevent any reoccurrence.

“I will do all I can to minimise any additional distress to you.”

Spire Hospital Little Aston was one of the hospitals Paterson operated in. Credit: PA

A pre-inquest review hearing is expected to be scheduled for late 2023 or early 2024, with more inquests to be opened in October this year.

The final hearings will begin on October 7 2024, which he said could last up to 11 months.

A previous pre-inquest review hearing in June was told that the cases of 417 patients, who had breast cancer listed in part one of their death certificates, had been reviewed, with Friday’s hearing bringing the total number of opened inquests to 38.

A further 130 cases, where breast cancer was listed in part two of the patient’s death certificate, were also being examined to see whether it would be “proportionate” for them to be considered by the coroner.

On Monday, the coroner said there are 294 further deaths where the cause of death is unknown due to it not being possible to trace a death certificate and the coroner again urged any next of kin of Paterson’s former patients to come forward.

The inquests will “fully, fairly and fearlessly” assess whether Paterson’s actions or wider systemic failures contributed to the deaths.