Ozzy Osbourne scrubbed up as Birmingham's Black Sabbath bench undergoes careful renovation

Artist Adam Marshall said the renovations were a labour of love. Credit: Daniel Sturley

A bench dedicated to heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath has been renovated in Birmingham city centre.

Work to "spruce up" band members Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward took place over the weekend by artist Adam Marshall.

He was commissioned by Westside Business Improvement District to carefully etch details and repaint the metal bench.

Mr Marshall was involved in the original preparation of the bench in 2018, before its eventual unveiling to the public the following year.He said it's not just about repainting it but ensuring the fine detail continue to stand out.

Work was carried out on the famous Black Sabbath bench over the weekend. Credit: Daniel Sturley

'It’s not just a case of touching it up with paint.'

Mr Marshall said: “It was brilliant to be asked to spruce the bench up, and I really enjoyed doing this at the weekend as it resulted in such great engagement with the public.

“People were so interested, with many thanking me and some giving me fist bumps!

"Others asked me what had gone wrong, as they were worried the bench might have been vandalised," he added.

"The truth is, the Black Sabbath bench is so loved that people are touching it every hour of every day, climbing and sitting on it to have their pictures taken.

"This means scratching the bench is inevitable, but it’s not just a case of touching it up with paint."

People will be able to enjoy the bench in its reformed guide. Credit: Daniel Sturley

Mr Marshall used masking tape to protest the halo-style chrome parts, followed by liquid latex to pick out the details, before sanding them down and painting it.

He said: "I loved giving the bench the care and attention it needs, enabling it to stay in the public domain and to be enjoyed by so many thousands of visitors."

Mike Olley, general manager of Westside BID, said: “We’re really grateful to Adam who’s used his specialist skills to keep the bench in as tip-top condition as possible.

“As the years go on, we’ll have to take the bench back in for some serious work to make sure it’s fit for the future, but for now it’s back in mint condition for its loving fans and the public at large.”