The Birmingham road which saw 300 tickets dished out in a month for bad parking

Credit: PA Images

A road in Birmingham has seen more than 300 tickets dished out in a month for bad parking.

Stratford Road in Sparkhill saw the PCNs issued along the main shopping and commuting route in June.

Councillor Nicky Brennan comprised a list of roads and streets in the ward, which saw nearly 600 fines given out for illegally parked cars.

Parking fine on a red car. Credit: PA

Coming in second place was Baker Street with 55 tickets issued.

Springfield Road was in third place with Springfield Road with 43. There were 32 PCNs issued on Stoney Lane.

Bad parking table Credit: BPM

In total, 586 fines were issued in June for the ward.

Councillor Brennan said they're "working hard to crack down on illegal parking".