'I feel so alive': a unique approach to GCSE results day at Shropshire specialist school

  • Ciaran Fitzpatrick visited a school which specialises in helping students with social and emotional difficulties, and joined them in their results day celebrations.

"Ecstatic. I'm great. I feel so alive, like I could do anything."

Kaylee-Ann Thomson learned today that she was going to achieve her dream of a career working with animals, after getting the GCSEs she needed to get into college. She hopes to become a veterinary assistant.

She's a student at Woodlands School in Wem in Shropshire, where they took a different approach to GCSE results day.

Rather than the traditional queue for the brown envelope, students started the day cooking bacon and sausage sandwiches with their teachers and parents.

Woodlands School specialises in one-to-one learning, nurturing students with social and emotional difficulties.

Teachers felt a breakfast with students and their families would be a better way to mark the occasion, and the unique journeys each pupil has taken to reach this point.

Kian Zanus-Forte joined the school in Year 8, after being, in his words, "kicked out" of his last school. Today he passed his Functional Skills BTEC.

"I've seen 100% improvement, I used to barely manage four hours of school a week. Now I can do a full week no problem."

Teachers say the day isn't just about the results, but the achievement of having completed secondary education, and moving onto the next step.