Aston Villa fan, 100, made special guest at club

Edith says she's been a fan 'her whole life'. Credit: Family photo/ PA

An Aston Villa fan who recently celebrated her 100th birthday was made a special guest at a match.

Edith, who is recovering after spending four months in hospital, was invited by the club to watch the game against Everton last weekend.

Edith says she is a 'strong Villa fan' and has been her whole life.

Credit: Family photo/Samantha Thompson/Aston Villa

Edith's daughter, Nita, says her mum has been a fan for as long as she can remember and she never goes to bed without watching match of the day.

Nita says the whole family are Villa fans and her mum used to spend hours in the queue at Villa Park to get them tickets when they were younger - but this was the first Villa game that she has been to watch.

The day was extra special for the family following Edith's stint in hospital.

"She broke her pelvic rami but unfortunately she got pneumonia, then heart failure treatment caused kidney failure", says Nita, who attended the match with her mum.

"And we just never thought this day would come", she adds.

Edith was delighted to meet her favourite player, Jacob Ramsey. Credit: Family photo

Edith was also granted a special appearance from her favourite Villa player, Jacob Ramsey, after the match.

"Hopefully you can come to another game and we'll keep winning", joked Ramsey.

The young midfielder then suggested for Edith to return to Villa Park to watch him play when he has recovered from his injury in 3 - 4 weeks time.

"We will need tickets!", Edith joked back.

Edith's family say they can't thank the club enough. Credit: Family photo/ Aston Villa

Nita says Edith enjoyed the day so much she is now hoping to get her to a Man City match so she can catch a glimpse of her all-time favourite football player and 'Villa lad', Jack Grealish.