Transport rights campaigner with disability hits out at drivers parking on Birmingham pavement

Doug Paulley shared a video on social media Credit: Doug Paulley Twitter (X)

A transport rights campaigner with a disability has hit out at drivers for parking their cars inappropriately in Birmingham.

Doug Paulley shared a video on social media on Friday, which has now accumulated more than 600,000 views.

On this occasion Mr Paulley, who is from Wetherby, attempted to get past parked cars on Heeley Road, near Selly Oak station, which were blocking the pavement - he then had to cross what he described as a 'busy' road.

In an interview with ITV News Central, Mr Paulley said: "It was just frustrating, a lot of disabled people experience this all the time, everywhere I go people park on dropped curbs and this was a particularly blatant one."

He added: "I don’t hold any animosity against the individuals who parked there, I mean it’s illegal, there is a reason why it is illegal because it does impact people who are disabled, and having to go on the road to get around cars.

"Please don’t block pavements, don’t put peoples lives at risk."

Mr Paulley often films his experiences on public transport and travelling on his GoPro that is attached to his wheelchair.

He says this is necessary due to discrimination that people with disabilities face.

He said: "Whenever I go out it’s there and I turn it on, when anything else appears that might go wrong, because there have been so many occasions where you are discriminated against on public transport."

West Midlands Police has been contacted by ITV News for a comment.

Mr Paulley says he has reported the incident to West Midlands Police.