Desperate mother says someone must know how her son came to die in Leicester street

  • Rajiv Popat spoke to the mother of Matthew Schofield, who was attacked and died on a Leicester street.

The mother of a man who was found dead in a street in Leicester is begging anyone who knows how he died to come forward and share their information.

Matthew Schofield, 34, was found with a head injury on Belgrave Road, Leicester in the early hours of Sunday 11 June. He was pronounced dead a short time later.

Police are treating his death as murder and his mother Emma Daniels is calling anyone who knows how he was injured to come forward.

Her daughter called her with the news while she was on holiday.

"I was just completely screaming, I couldn't take it in.

"I remember the exact words she said, she said 'Matt's been found with a head injury' and then she started crying and said 'he's gone.'"

Mrs Daniels says her son was a shy, humble but happy man who adored his son and didn't deserve to die this way. She said: "It's bad enough losing a child, it's bad enough then finding out that it was murder, it's even worse knowing he was lying on his own for an hour and 20 minutes.

"I'm a nurse, I know the most important thing is for somebody to be holding their hand when they die. If it can't be family, a nurse, a doctor would do it, and he didn't even have that."

Matthew Schofield Credit: Leicestershire Police

She's been delivering leaflets to residents in the Belgrave area of Leicester as she's sure someone must have information.

"I feel that somebody must have seen somebody or know something, and I'm just really begging them to let the police know and let me find out what happened to my son.

"Matt's got a little boy that needs to know in the future, and that's all I want, I just want to know what happened.

Leicestershire Police say their investigation remains ongoing. Eight people have been arrested and remain on bail or have been released under investigation.