Family of Ronan Kanda welcomes ban on zombie-style knives and machetes but say it's not enough

  • ITV News Central reporter Charlotte Cross spoke to Ronan Kanda's family

The family of a 16-year-old who was stabbed to death near his home in Wolverhampton have welcomed a new ban on zombie-style knives and machetes, but say it is not enough.

Ronan Kanda was stabbed twice with a ninja sword on Mount Road, in Lanesfield in June 2023.

In a shocking case of mistaken identity, his injuries were too catastrophic to survive and he died at the scene.

In an interview with ITV News Central his mother Pooja Kanda said: "Banning machetes is always a step in the right direction idea, especially cracking down on zombie knives.

"However the question is still in my mind, why is there no ban on ninja swords? Why there is no ban on this murder weapon that is easily available? So yes, I want the answers."

Prabjeet Veadhesa (left) and Sukhman Shergill (right) were sentenced at Wolverhampton Crown Court on 13 July. Credit: West Midlands Police

Prabjeet Veadhesa and Sukhman Shergill, both 17, were found guilty of his murder and sentenced on 13 July.

During their sentencing hearing, the court heard one of his attackers had been able to buy the murder weapon online - collecting it at a nearby post office earlier that day.

Ronan's family then started campaigning for these weapons to be banned.

Mr Kanda's mother added:"It's been torture, the pain is constantly there.

"We wake up, to an empty house and it hurts this life is painful to live."

It comes as new measures were introduced by the government today where  “zombie-style” knives and machetes with no practical use will be banned, and police will be given more powers to seize and destroy them

The Home Office said the definition will include any bladed weapon more than eight inches long with a plain-cutting edge and sharp pointed end that also has either a serrated cutting edge, more than one hole in the blade or multiple sharp points like spikes.

Ministers hope the changes will close a loophole that has seen some retailers continue to sell dangerous weapons without breaking the law by removing certain banned features.

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